Ho`oulu Lehua has teamed up with Kapoho Kine Adventures and has an exciting and new
riparian restoration project located at 1,600 ft. above sea level on the Honoli`i River. The site is
part of a major watershed on the Eastern slopes of Mauna Kea with waters that eventaully empty
into the sea at the popular Honoli`i surf spot. Remnants of an old Koa mill are testament to the 
majestic forest that once covered what is now mostly cattle pasture. Invasive species have a
stronghold along the river banks, but the remaining native plant species such as Hame, Hapu`u,
Koa and Mamaki are our hope and focus for restoring new life to this beautiful area. The Honoli`i
River is also home to the unusual river 'ōhi'a  (Metrosideros polymorpha var. newelii); this unique
form of 'ōhi'a lehua is only found along the waterways of the Hamakua coast below 3,000 ft asl.

M. poly_newelii_Wailuku_R_9a


We celebrate our hard work by ending the day with an invigorating swim in the cool, fresh, water
of the Honoli`i River. Come join us in making a difference up on the mountain!